winter scene


Within a comfortable forty five minute drive guests can enjoy a wealth of different activities making Lilac cottage an ideal base for your holiday. Archery, selection of beaches and seaside towns,fishing for salmon or trout, hillwalking, forest trails, beautiful gardens, world class mountain bike courses, golf courses galore, it seems that all tastes are catered for. And if that were not enough the capital city of Edinburgh is just as accessible with all that it has to offer - art galleries, museums, architecture, the seat of Scottish government, and so the list goes on. There must be something for eveyone, and when you return to base its a wonderful place to chill out and relax.


Although little remains today, the Stow of Wedale is probably the oldest site associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Scotland.
The name Stow is thought to be from the Old English for Holy Place, and Wedale from the Old English "Wiche" meaning shrine and "Dahl" meaning valley. So we have Valley of the Shrine.
The first written mention of Wedale comes in the Historia Britonum" written by the Welsh monk Nemius in AD826.
According to Nemius, King Arthur had, in gratitude to Our Lady for a vision in which she assured him of victory over the invading Angles, caused an image of Our Lady to be brought from Cappadocia and placed in "Our Lady's House at Wedale".
Our Lady's well. Situated just south of the village. Access from A7 at Subscription Bridge.

pic of well

The well was rebuilt by Ralph Parker a local amateur "dry stane dyker" as part of the local millenium project to celebrate the year 2000 and copies the previous one which is thought to have been constructed around 1863.

pic of bridge

This bridge is one of a few surviving examples of a "pack horse" bridge.

pic of sunrise

This picture shows a winter sunrise as seen from the bedroom window of Lilac Cottage.

winter scene

It's lovely in winter as well.